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Is Your Drain Clogged?

Get it fixed by scheduling drain repair services in Iva, Seneca, Easley & Anderson, SC

Drains can get clogged slowly by hair, eggshells and grease, which can lead to costly leaks. Young Plumbing Services, LLC can clear your clogged drains quickly. We provide drain cleaning services for homeowners in Iva, Seneca, Easley & Anderson, SC.

We don't just send a snake through your drain and call it a day. Our plumber has the skills needed to provide both drain cleaning and drain replacement services. If you have a broken drain or a severe clog, you can trust us to fix the problem in no time.

Contact us to arrange for drain cleaning services.

Signs that you have a clog

Sometimes you can detect a clog before your drain is totally blocked. Watch out for these signs that you need drain cleaning services:

  • Your drain is making gurgling or bubbling noises
  • You smell a foul odor coming from your drain
  • Your sink is draining slowly
We can clear out potential clogs efficiently so that you don't have to worry about a burst pipe or flooding. Call our plumber at 864-933-0984 to make an appointment.